CHRYSLER Diagnostic Software for X-431 Series V29.00
元征软件     2014-11-25

        'Compared with the previous version:
        up''||''&''||''#100;ates as following:
        1.For 2007-2008 Crossfire, newly added Read DTC, Clear DTC, Data Stream, Actuation Test and Version Information to PCM, TCM, BCM, TPM, CLP, ESP, HVAC, IC, SKREEM and SLA.
         2.Added newly Automatically Search for 2007-2008 Crossfire.
         3.Added Most Recent Cool Down Test Results, First Passed Cool Down Test Results, Actuator Calibration Test, HVAC Cool Down Test to HVAC for Car Models after 2013.
         4.Added Auto Door Lock, Auto Door Unlock, Read Current Vehicle Configuration, Read Original Vehicle Configuration, Unlock Driver Door On 1st Press, Change Language Preference, Change Measurement Units, Disable Seatbelt Minder Chime, Language Preference, Measurement Unit, Seatbelt Alert Minder, Seatbelt Alert System, Service Interval-Diesel, Service Interval-Gas, up''||''&''||''#100;ate Measurement Unit)to CCN for Car Models after 2013.
         5.Added Read DTC, Clear DTC, Data Stream, Actuation Test, Version Information and Configuration Information to PCM for Car Models after 2014.
         6.For car models before 2010, improved Injector Quantity Adjustment, DPF Replacement, Manual DPF Regeneration to PCM.
         7.For car models before 2011, improved Quick Learn to TCM.
         8.For 2004-2005 car models, improved Check PCM Odometer, Check PCM VIN, Diesel Particulate Filter (New) Initialization, Diesel Particulate Filter (Used) Learning, EGR System Test, Exhaust Throttle Plate Adaptive Learn Position, Fuel Mean Value Adaptation Initialization, IMA Rapid Calibration, Injector Kill System Test, Injector Quantity Adjustment, Manual Diesel Particulate Filter Regeneration, NOx Catalyst (New) Initialization, NOx Catalyst (Used) Learning, NVLD Forced Monitor Test, O2 Heater System Test:1bank, O2 Heater System Test:2bank, Purge Vapors System Test, Reset Memory to PCM.
         9.For 2004-2015 car models, improved Initialize ORC and Rollover Detection to ORC.
         10.For car models before 2013, improved Injector Kill Test and Purge Vapors System Test to PCM.
         11.For car models before 2012, improved Auto Door Lock, Auto Door Unlock, Read Vehicle Configuration, Unlock Driver Door On 1st Press, Change Language Preference, Seatbelt Alert Minder and up''||''&''||''#100;ate Measurement Unit to CCN.
         12.up''||''&''||''#100;ated the DTC Libraries for car models.
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