X-431 PADII, another Hit
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X-431 PAD II is a new smart and comprehensive vehicle diagnostic tool developed by LAUNCH based on Android system. Compared with X-431 PAD I, X-431 PAD II is configured with more powerful hardware, more human-oriented operation interface and more thoughtful function.

u''||''&''||''nbsp;''||''&''||''nbsp;''||''&''||''nbsp;''||''&''||''nbsp;''||''&''||''nbsp; 10.1inch HD IPS capacitive touch screen brings brand new visual experience.

u''||''&''||''nbsp;''||''&''||''nbsp;''||''&''||''nbsp;''||''&''||''nbsp;''||''&''||''nbsp; Super large cache and storage space of 2GB internal memory and 32GB solid state storage.

u''||''&''||''nbsp;''||''&''||''nbsp;''||''&''||''nbsp;''||''&''||''nbsp;''||''&''||''nbsp; Mini HDMI for high definition multimedia.

u''||''&''||''nbsp;''||''&''||''nbsp;''||''&''||''nbsp;''||''&''||''nbsp;''||''&''||''nbsp; Special docking station to easily place the host and connector as well as charge the host.

u''||''&''||''nbsp;''||''&''||''nbsp;''||''&''||''nbsp;''||''&''||''nbsp;''||''&''||''nbsp; Optional extension modules, supporting oscillograph ignition analysis, battery test, sensor, and endoscope.

u''||''&''||''nbsp;''||''&''||''nbsp;''||''&''||''nbsp;''||''&''||''nbsp;''||''&''||''nbsp; Over 20 year''''s diagnostic experience, widest coverage of diagnostic software at original factory level.

u''||''&''||''nbsp;''||''&''||''nbsp;''||''&''||''nbsp;''||''&''||''nbsp;''||''&''||''nbsp; Android open system, supporting more applications.

u''||''&''||''nbsp;''||''&''||''nbsp;''||''&''||''nbsp;''||''&''||''nbsp;''||''&''||''nbsp; Equipped with 12000mAh battery, extremely long standby time.


Product Functions and Features

Vehicle diagnostic functions:

1. X-431 PAD II is one of the comprehensive diagnostic tools with widest car model coverage among similar products on current market. It supports over 140 car brands and over 2000 car models.

2. Diagnostic software at original factory level, providing comprehensive diagnostic functions of Read DTC, Clear DTC, Data Stream, Actuation Test, and Special Functions.

3. Display data stream in the form of text, graph, and composite figure. Maximum 15 data stream waveforms can be displayed at the same time.

4. Record data stream by one click, letting users easily store and review history data.

5. Fast accessing car models for fast test.

6. Smart fault code searching function. By clicking SEARCH during fault code inquiry, product will automatically search corresponding fault code information (Wi-Fi network is required).

Maintenance Database: X-431 PAD II general version uses LAUNCH original maintenance database system, classified by car model. Massive data is an indispensable help for your repair and maintenance.

Upgrade Service: Latest versions are automatically listed in One-click Upgrade center. You can upgrade by just one click.

Fast shift between imperial and metric systems: Imperial and metric systems can be easily shifted by one click on SETTING button.

Extended Function: With optional modules, you can apply X-431 PAD II as an oscillograph (ignition analyzer) or battery tester or multimeter, achieving more applications with one tool.


Product Software Configuration

X-431 PAD II is released in several different configurations for different markets. Please contact local dealers for details.


Product Hardware Parameters



Android 4.1 and above


ARM Cortex-A7 quad-core, 1.2GHZ

Internal memory/solid state storage


Display screen

10.1inch, 1280*800, IPS



Standard USB port (x1)

Android mini USB port (x1)

TF card slot, can be extended up to 32GB

Earphone jack

Audio input/output


Dual stereo speaker


Front 2.0 Mega pixels/ Rear 5.0 Mega pixels, AF with flashlight

Power supply and battery

Charged by 5V AC/DC power supply

12000mAh Lithium-Ion PolymerBattery




2.1 and above

Drop test

No damage from a drop height of90CM

Overall unit performance

Passed IP65 test

Start time


Working temperature


Storage temperature




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