X-831M Movable 3D Wheel Aligner Releasing
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Product Introduction

''||''&''||''nbsp;''||''&''||''nbsp;''||''&''||''nbsp;''||''&''||''nbsp;''||''&''||''nbsp;''||''&''||''nbsp; X-831M 3D wheel aligner measures the wheel data with the cameras automatically tracking the targets within the height of 01.8 meter, and also it can be installed as close as to 1.82.8 meter to the lift, properly to meet the demands of repair shop, 4S shop and tire shop with or without a lift circumstance.


Technical Data:

Power: 1PH AC220V±10% 50Hz or 1PH AC110V±10% 60Hz

Display: 19 inch colorful LCD

Toe-in:''||''&''||''nbsp;''||''&''||''nbsp;''||''&''||''nbsp; 0~±20o

Camber:''||''&''||''nbsp; 0~±10o

Caster:''||''&''||''nbsp;''||''&''||''nbsp;''||''&''||''nbsp; 0~±20o

Steering axle inclination: 0~±20o

Thrust angle: 0~±5o

Working Environment:

Storage temperature:-10~+55

Working temperature:0~+40

Relative humidity: 85%

Light requirement: No direct strong lights irradiate the target and reflect to the camera

Lift Height: 0~1800mm

The lift height difference between the left rail and right rail: ''||''&''||''lt;2mm(front to rear)


Function and Specialties:

No calibration needed when open the package.

Authoritative and regularly-updated database.

High accurate and continuously-improved main software calculation.

3D/2D interface freely switched.

Human voice and animation guide operation.

Passive target need no wire connection.

Ergonomics wheel clamp design for rim protection and easy operation.


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