LAUNCH Korea signed “Chadori ECO” agreement
Launch     2016-06-20 00:00:00.0


June 14th, LAUNCHKorea, Hanwha Insurance and Hankook signed a tripartite agreement "Chadori ECO service MOU".

Based on LAUNCH’s maintenance ecosystem composed of internet products golo series and X-431 PAD II comprehensive diagnostic product, Hankook''''s auto repair chain enterprises - T station can use the LAUNCH X-431 PAD II to carry out the remote diagnosis for customers’ vehicles through the internet, telematics and other advanced technology when any trouble occurs during vehicle self-inspection process. At the same time, T Station will also provide more favorable prices to Hanwha vehicle insurance customers who go to repair at T Station site.

It is reported that Hanwha will launch this insurance service which can provide better and more accurate testing service to vehicle dynamics and safety systems and others in September. Hanwha Insurance marketing leader yeosanhun said, "it is bluetooth that connects the smart phone to the vehicle, so the customers don’t have to worry about the high cost of communication, moreover,the majority of worldwide brand cars produced after 2007 can be detected." Meanwhile, yeosanhun also emphasized that more economical and convenient user experience will be provided to customers through Hankook-LAUNCH’s unique new insurance system service.


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